Fancee Wheels

Door-through-Door Ambulatory Transportation Service and Rates for Chautauqua County

Our door-through-door ambulatory transportation services are for individuals that are mobile but require assistance from their homes to our vehicles.

This type of service is ordered for clients that have limited physical mobility or are cognitively impaired. Our drivers will assist them in their motion towards safe securement inside our vehicles and again from our vehicles to their safe placement within the medical facilities.

There will be no-out-of-pocket cost for passengers that have Medicaid or insurances that we have contracts with as long as your insurance agent sends us a transportation prior approval. We will bill your insurance agency that approved your transportation directly. However, we must provide the transportation service according to the approval. For example, we must transport the passenger to the exact to/from addresses listed on the approval. Any changes must be approved by the insurance agent prior to us transporting.




Regular Business Hours
(6am- 6pm)

Sundays, Holidays &
Off Peak Hours

*Jamestown Area Only

Base One-Way (plus mileage)



Base Round Trip (plus mileage)



Each Additional Mile



Wait Time (in increments of 15-minute blocks)



*Trips over 15 Miles (one way) will be charged $3.40 per mile