Credentialing, Technology, Safety & Compliance


We are dedicated to passenger safety and satisfaction. At Fancee, we use the latest technology and have developed a comprehensive Safety and Compliance Program.


Driver Credentialing

Fancee believes that our drivers are our most valuable assets, and that the success of our companies is determined by the quality of its  drivers. Because of these beliefs, the personnel selections of the companies are extremely important. We are committed to hiring only the best and most qualified available drivers. To help carry out this commitment, our companies implemented the following:

  • Driver License Monitoring: All our drivers are enrolled in the NYS DMV LENS Program. The DMV automatically notifies our fleet manager of driver license events as they post to their drivers' records. LENS notify our organization about:
    • the expiration and renewal of a driver license
    • the suspension, revocation and restoration of a driver license
    • changes to a driver license class and privilege
    • traffic convictions
    • reportable accidents
  • City of Jamestown Taxi Driver Permit: All our drivers have a City of Jamestown Taxi Driver Permit that is required to transport passengers in the City of Jamestown.
  • Drug & Alcohol Program: All drivers are drug and alcohol tested per company policy. Our D & A program is managed by JJ Keller.
  • PASS Driver training (Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity).
  • Yearly Driver Background Checks.
  • Company Training.
  • ID Badges: All drivers wear Photo ID badge lanyards.
  • Personal Appearance and Conduct: All drivers are expected to dress, look, and act like professionals. Maintaining a positive, professional, and safe public image is extremely important to our companies. Our drivers are the most visible company representatives to the general public and to our customers, and therefore, need to maintain the highest personal appearance and conduct standards.


Technology, Safety & Compliance

  • Fleet Management by Fleetistics: GPS Vehicle Tracking, Reporting, Engine Diagnostics, Telematics, Vehicle Maintenance Reminders, Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports and Driver Safety Scorecard. The Driver Safety Scorecard Report focuses on three primary elements of unsafe driving: aggressive driving, seat belt usage, and speeding.
  • Android Tablets: Each of our drivers are equipped with android tablets that has a digital copy of our employee training manual and can send or receive emails and running their DriverMate APP. Additionally our drivers use their tablets for online training.
  • Garmin Dashcams: Both Fancee Wheels & Fancee Transportation vehicles are equipped with Garmin Dashcams that has forward collision and lane departure warnings and are GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection.
  • Trip Spark:  Transportation Software: Manage all aspects of  scheduling and dispatching including trips, vehicles, clients and automatic trip reminders and arrival updates sent to clients via text, email or IVR.
  • Driver Mate: Using their Android tablets our drivers receive daily trip manifests and schedule changes are communicated in real-time.
  • Fleet Manager: Our Fleet Manager responsibilities include giving driver road tests, vehicle maintenance oversight, accident investigation and vehicle spot checks.
  • Driver Incentive Program: This program demonstrates that both our Fancee companies values their drivers, which in turn can result in both higher driver performance and customer satisfaction rates.


Vehicle Credentialing

Both Fancee Transportation and Fancee Wheels are dedicated to performing routine maintenance on all vehicles which include oil changes, brakes and tires at recommended intervals. Vehicle repair & routine maintenance is done exclusively by certified repair shops. To help carry out this commitment, our corporations have implemented the following:

  • All vehicles are on a 7,000-mile oil change and service cycle;
  • All drivers perform pre & post trip inspections;
  • All vehicles are registered, inspected and insured according to state regulations.