About Fancee Transportation


Mission Statement

At Fancee Transportation our mission is to transport passengers to and from both their personal & medical appointments in a timely, safe and compassionate manner. We utilize a team of trained, credentialed drivers equipped with clean, carefully maintained vehicles. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, diligent enrollee confirmations and surveys we strive to ensure safety, satisfaction and trust for our passengers.


Lisa A. Daversa, 100% Ownership

Business History

In 1995, Lisa Daversa established Fancee Limousine Service, Inc. located in Falconer, New York. Since then this corporation has grown and is now recognized as an experienced and reputable transportation company. Fancee started out as a limousine service that transitioned into providing Taxi and Livery Services starting in 1998. Today, Fancee Limousine Service, Inc (dba Fancee Transportation) specializes in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Taxi & Livery Services.

Hours and Scope of Operations

Fancee Transportation has been providing transportation service since December 1995 to Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Coutnies of New York. Our company provides transportation 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and holidays.


Fancee Transportation currently operates 40 vehicles with the financial ability to add additional vehicles as needed. Our company policy is to purchase additional vehicles if more than 90% of our fleet is deployed daily.

Our vehicles consist of sedans, SUVs, minivans and ADA Toyota Sienna taxi-level wheelchair minivans.


Fancee Transportation has over 24 years of experience of transporting passengers saefty to their personal & medical appointments.  Currently we have contracts with several insurance brokers. The insurances we accept are Fidelis Care, Kalos Health, LogistiCare, Nascentia Health and United HealthCare. Additionally, our company does several trips a day for NYS DOH Medicaid broker, Medical Answering Services.

Credentialing, Technology, Safety & Compliance

Fancee Transportation is dedicated to passenger safety and satisfaction. We use the latest technology and have developed a comprehensive Safety and Compliance Program.